JESUS said "Behold, i give you the authority.... Luke 10:19
Ashish Enoch serves as Director at House of Authority with his wife Manisha Enoch. Based in Mumbai, he is a global itinerant minister of the Gospel and faithfully takes God's Word and miraculous healing power to nations across the world.

He was dramatically saved at age 17 while suffering from a bodily ailment and heard God’s call to serve him in his own voice. Since then, he has been serving the Lord in local churches, through conferences and crusades, where numerous souls have witnessed the move of God and lives have not been the same. He teaches in various Bible colleges and Bible schools to exhort the fivefold ministry given to individuals. Within India, he has passionately travelled to 20 states in a very short time. Thereafter, God asked him to stop travelling, back off from huge stages and focus on a tiny group of 4 people. Obeying God resulted in a very strong Apostolic movement where new born-again individuals began doing marvelous things and started bringing the Kingdom of Light on the streets of Northern India.

His mandate from Heaven is to teach the Body of Christ to wake up to their Kingdom rights in the finished work of Jesus Christ for man’s redemption. He believes that the Lord Jesus is the answer through His Own Body (the Church) to the needs of a hurting world because the Lord has appointed each born-again with maximum Kingdom Authority on earth to represent Christ and His Kingdom. Christ is the source of our righteousness, favor, success, victory, provision, healing and much more!

The Authority Tribe International wants to see Jesus having central place in the Body of Christ, and for the world to see that the Cross and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ really does make a difference!
(Isa. 62:7 "And give Him no rest till He establishes And till He makes Jerusalem( Asia) a praise in the earth.)