JESUS said "Behold, i give you the authority.... Luke 10:19

Praise the Lord!!

I am Pooja Shetty from Mumbai.

 My first testimony is - Healing of my back pain. Due to this lockdown there is hardly any activity we can do other than sitting at home, because of that I got severe pain in my back and it was so bad that I couldn't sleep at night.
Since 6 days I was suffering with this pain. Then on the 7th day I attended sister Manisha’s online prayer meeting and she generally prayed for healing back pain and after some time the same day I just realized that my back pain was gone. It was a miraculous healing for me. I give all my thanks to Sister Manisha Enoch and my Almighty Lord Jesus. Hallelujah!

I consider myself blessed to be a part of House of Authority Ministry. Even in this lockdown period there was not a single day we missed God's Word, it was only possible because of our Brother Ashish Enoch and Sister Manisha Enoch. The online meetings were conducted for us and in each meeting I was learning and growing in God's word. It's almost more than 30 days now and I can see so many changes in my life. I feel my family is protected and no illness can touch any of my family members.  I have a 3yr old daughter, since she was born, she had a habit of sucking the last finger of her hand. And we tried so many things to make her get rid of that habit but in vain. All my family members told me this habit is not going to go but during this period of ministry online meetings one day I prayed our almighty Lord and since that day she herself left that habit and now it's almost a month my daughter is all OK. Praise the lord... All glory to Lord Jesus!!

Also I want to share about my job, i was appreciated at my workplace. I am a teacher by profession and because of this covid19 issue we have been told from our school to take online classes for children as schools will not reopen at least by August. So now our principal and panel of teachers take demo lectures of all the teachers. This is yesterday’s incident, before me, almost all the teachers had given their demo and I was the last one to go. Till now almost all teachers were given feedback and it was not up-to the mark. Before my turn I prayed to my father Lord Jesus and then started my demo. And it was the best demo till date given by any of the teachers in our school. I got a lot of appreciation from our principal as well as our teacher's panel. I was so happy to hear so many wonderful comments by them.

Physically, emotionally, spiritually am growing in God's Word. I can see changes in my life because I believe in God's word. All glory to my father Lord Jesus. Hallelujah... And thank you House of Authority ministry special thanks to Brother Ashish Enoch for teaching and preaching God's word everyday even in this lockdown period. Because of your efforts we all are growing and learning in God's word. May God bless you and your family always!

Hi, I am Rashi Agarwal from Mumbai.

I’m experiencing something new in me and I feel very energetic, I feel so good that I’m giving more of my time to understand GOD’s Word. I joined the online meetings on 18th April, 2020. Prior to that I used to long for an empowering experience. A colleague of mine, Ms. Anu Mathew referred these meetings to me and I got excited about them, I knew my prayers were being answered. I grew hungry for GOD’s Word that was being shared. On 30th May, 2020 there was an electrical issue and I did not want to attend these meetings at any cost, I prayed and the issue was resolved in no time. These sessions with the House of Authority are helping me build my faith in Christ Jesus and understand GOD’s Word. I am growing into Peace!