JESUS said "Behold, i give you the authority.... Luke 10:19


When we look at the life of Abraham, we understand of his obedience unto GOD our Father.

As we look at the scripture in the Book of Genesis 22-1:18, we look into the faithful obedient heart of Abraham. Abraham understood the sacrifice that was asked of him from GOD. He did not let his love for his son hinder his obedience towards GOD. He was focused on what GOD had asked him to do and just simply obeyed. He did not judge GOD in what was asked of him to do, he did not let it affect or poison his mind towards GOD. A common man would have wanted to question GOD’s intentions, how could anybody ask anybody to make such a sacrifice. Abraham had no such doubts or thoughts for that matter.

We see here that Abraham was quick to obey, there was no delay in carrying out what was instructed to him to do. If there was a delay or if Abraham would seek a more convenient time to carry out GOD’s instructions, how would that have worked out for him and for generations to come. It is not convenient for any of us to sacrifice our son now, is it? This is now a personal reflection that we need to make. What if we were asked of a similarly challenging sacrifice, how would that work out? Which way would that go? If Abraham’s belief did not see beyond his son, he would not have carried the instructions. Our duty is to obey GOD and to walk as per his instructions, GOD will keep his WORD that he placed over our lives. Obedience brings blessings! The way to blessings is to obey and follow his instructions.

GOD’s instructions led Abraham to a place of testing, pain and sacrifice. Are we as his beloved children ready to place ourselves in such and such places? If GOD would call us to a particular office, would we be willing? The calling and leading of the Spirit of GOD varies and it is this calling that we need to follow.
Abraham replied to GOD’s calling, he said “Here I am Lord, I am ready to do your will”. It is for us to reflect on our willingness to do GOD’s will. It could be something as small as picking up a pencil or sharing a glass of water.

Our Reflections:
We need to understand that Obedience brings blessings!
Our disobedience or delay in obedience to GOD may have consequences that may disappoint us or distract us from our immediate victories.
JESUS obeyed and so we are saved, do we now obey JESUS and his Spirit?