JESUS said "Behold, i give you the authority.... Luke 10:19
A Christmas Reminder -10th December,2020
by Manisha Enoch on December 10th, 2020

God’s love for us is eternal. It has no reliability on time, GOD does not change and so his love is constant all the time. God is eternal and so is his love both of which are not subject to the limitation of time. GOD supersedes time, since HE is the creator. GOD is self-existent, HE is the beginning and the end, GOD is eternally existent.

From the beginning of time, GOD knew the fall of man and so devised a plan of redemption. GOD is three in one and he is triune, so the plan of redemption was a decision of a triune person!

God gave His only begotten Son because He loves the world - John 3:16
So what was it that motivated GOD to make such a decision? A decision of sacrifice of his loved one for us. Why did GOD had to devise such a plan? Why did he have to save creation?

Well, it’s because we belong to HIM! We belong to JESUS CHRIST, who redeemed us with the sacrifice of himself! GOD loves JESUS and we belong to JESUS. GOD decided to adopt us as his own and in love He chose us in the Son for adoption as sons of the Father - Eph. 1:3–6. GOD’s love for us is in JESUS his son.

We are now joint heirs with Christ, children of the Father, adopted into the royal family. JESUS CHRIST, the eternal object of the Father’s affection, and we are the GOD’s gift to JESUS, his son.

Gentle reminder: We have eternal life in JESUS, death has no hold over us! We live for ever dwelling in the unconditional love of our FATHER!

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