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Serving God by serving People.
by Ashish Enoch on September 7th, 2020

                                                    Serving God, Serving People

It was very soon after I was a believer when I understood, I can’t serve God and keep no business with people. It is so amazing that God picks us up from among people, Anoints and sends us back to people with His Anointing to serve. Exodus 3, God calls Moses to the burning bush and later Exodus 19 to the mountain when God spent time with Moses and then sends him back to people to serve Him by serving people. Matthew 4:19, Jesus invited Peter to follow Him and then John 21 Jesus sends Apostle Peter back to serve His people.

      I believe, we can’t separate God and people. Where people are God must be right there. Many can bring very good revelations from Matthew 14 where Jesus fed 5000 plus people. When I look at this portion, I see God’s compassionate presence among people and in verse 16 Jesus said, “They do not need to go away. This verse shows me God’s heart towards people because He loves them all doesn’t matter where they come from. Jesus talked about serving God, serving one another and serving mammon (money). However, Serving God and serving people is inseparable. Right after you become a believer, He makes you a witness for His sweet presence and then Mark 16 we read He sends signs, wonders and miracles with His witnesses.

     You may ask, “Witness? What does that mean? Acts 1:8 talks about God making us witnesses unto Him or for Him. The simplest way to understand, if people can’t see who God is, they will see you and know God is alive. Hallelujah! Praise God! What a privilege to serve God. Someone may ask, why God needs to make me a witnesses, why can’t He do it Himself. See, you have grown up from your childhood among your people not God, they don’t know this Creator of heaven and earth who is now your Father God. They can’t see God Himself but will see manifested Sons and Daughters who carry God’s heart among people. You see, if we understand that being with God is about serving people then it will also help us to serve our families better through God. I used to say, if every family raises children who love to serve God, our nations will live in peace. Every night before I sleep, I am convicted by the Holy Spirit for my purpose for my family and how I have to surround my family with Love and Faith.

    Psalms 17:8 and Zechariah 2:8, talks about we being the Apple of God’s eye. Apple of my eye refers to the pupil of the eye. I used to think, these verses talk about the kind of security God has provided for me that none can touch and it's true. However, there is another side of this part. The work of pupil of an eye is to see. If I am the Pupil of God’s eye then He must be seeing the World through me, isn’t? Beloved! God needs you to serve Him by serving your family, your world around and make this world a place of God’s habitation.                                *******                                              copyright@2020

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Anu Mathew - September 8th, 2020 at 4:19 AM
Amazing words. Praise JESUS with all my heart. AMEN... GOD bless you and your family...
Heart touching words..
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