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The Thirst!
by Manisha A Enoch on June 27th, 2020

Like the parched dry lands of Kutch in the state of Gujarat, is where we have all started off our Journey with the Lord! We were in wanting and in an ongoing search that was felt like it would never end. Struggling with circumstances hitting us like the waves of the sea hit the sands of the shore. A disturbed mind here and a broken heart there and somewhere in between a body fighting the unknown. Then again, one day GOD's saving grace overcomes, victorious and engulfs us! We declare and proclaim Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord, we are excited and bubbling with new found Joy that we have never experienced before, the parched lands are being watered and developing to be fertile. But as we are walking on this journey with the Lord Jesus Christ, we have experiences that while dwelling in the world we endure.

This is only to encourage our newly found, ever developing found selves in the Lord Jesus, we need to but Yearn for HIM. Everyday is a new walk and new route that we embark upon with the Holy Spirit leading. We rise up with grateful hearts to a new day, do we? It is the yearning, the thirst. To grow closer to GOD and to live a life of Christ centeredness is what the thirst in us will spring. To live in the presence of GOD, who's leading is greater than the pleasures that life can offer is an ecstacy we do not want to fall out of. Thirst for the WORD will bring the liking of WORD within our hearts and onto our tongues. The troubles of the world we now defeat with the confession of the Word of GOD from our mouth, are the very troubles that JESUS has overcome and therefore we are overcomers.

The battles of the ages not having been significantly changing, the concerns and its changing faces have new names, for example the corona virus that the world in today's times is facing. These are attacks by the enemy that want to turn this beautiful home we live in, into a continual state of dryness. Threats are being experienced at an individual level and it is only the power of GOD that resides within us helps our minds to be dwelling in constant peace. This  thirst for GOD, the ongoing continuous yearning for him twines us into fellowship with our creator King. What could withstand such a fellowship?

It is a thirst that is watering harvest lands, God's water source has no bottom to it, it is one from which we can draw all the time and anytime. This source is open for all with no restrictions! A water source that we have a choice to be drawn towards. A choice to travel to the source and to spend time in it is something that is left to our free will.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these. things shall be added unto you - Mathew 6:33. This verse here reminds us of the beauty of yearning and thirsting for the Lord! It's an effortless happening! Yes, added unto us.  As we are continually drawn to the love that has redeemed us from our wretchedness and that of the World, everything that we need to survive, thrive, abound in and indulge in as well, all of it will be given to us. It's magnetic and it is something for us to enjoy, like people say, a big benefit. But as we know it is His sufficient Grace.  

As we have received from the giver of Life, unconditional love, the realisation of that love continually churns our souls to yearn more, to thirst more! GOD loves us and in this we rest! We praise Him and glorify Him, we are in gratitude always! For our thirst is pleasure to Him! For the Word says, He dwells on the praises of His people.

As we read the Word and dwell in it, His presence gets more real to us each day! Regardless of our feelings, He's there! It only is a ladder to climb, to look up to Him, to look up to Love is the water we cannot get enough of. It's taste gets sweeter and you stay Thirsty!

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Ashish Enoch - July 3rd, 2020 at 10:49 AM
Praise God.
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